Thursday, July 12, 2007

Men and Women of War

It saddens me that our men and women are still over there fighting but i fear if they pull out now (like many want) then things will get even worse over there in iraq. It is my opinion that many of our military men and women feel that we are no longer backing them and that has got to frustrate the hell out of them....

Here in the United States we only see and hear on the news what they feel we should here so i've taken to reading many different blogs and sites of our military and some iraqi blogs too... i know both sides are frustrated and angry for the losses that happened but we can't pull out now and leave things in such a mess over there....

By some of the things i have read things may be slowly coming around... it takes time... We need to keep supporting our troops and keep on praying for them and their safety and for the safety of the iraqi's as well.... pray for peace and for things to get better over there...

We sit over here and go on with out every day lives and many don't even think about what is going on over there anymore except to say we need to bring our troops home... well there are troops over there and who have been over there that feel it is vital for us to stay there...

Start looking around the net for different blogs and different news sites for what is going on yet and for how our soldiers feel... i'm sure they would like to know that we are still thinking of them and supporting them.........

prayers and luv

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

it's been ages

Well it's been a long time since i've written here.... i took some time off the internet and let me tell you it helped alot... i no longer have my groups i use to have on the interenet... i deleted them for a few different reasons.... my son lives with his father... my daughter is doing great... i'm doing great... things are going quite well... i'll be posting more later but wanted to just write a quick note saying i'm back...... jenny

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Many of us will go about our day today not worrying about anything but the meal we are cooking. I will be cooking tomorrow.. Many will not be thinking of others and what they are going through this season... There is one i know who is so scared that her cancer has come back.. that is what she is spending this season thinking about...

There are many fathers out there spending there seasons without their children..

There are many out there having health problems....

There are many out there dealing with issues inside..

Let us please pray for others that you know who are hurting and maybe call them up and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving... We have much to be thankful for but let us put a smile on someone elses face today... prayers and luv.. jenny

Friday, November 18, 2005

Deleted Replies

if you see deleted replies it is because they are advertising on my blog and i don't go for that.. so please do not think i am deleteing somones responces to me.. prayers and luv.. jenny

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Things have been real crazy lately.. i've been hybernating and not really wanting to be around anyone.. things are messed up with my job and i have no clue when that will be starting.. my family is messed up again of course.. i miss my son so much.. he is living with his father as of this past may and i'm still not use to it.. there are no hard feelings between him and i but he wants to farm with his dad... He was here last weekend and he brought a friend with him.. he can be a little mouth of course... i had conferences for my daughter and she is doing pretty good in school.. she is only K.. she loves it..

Charli was sick last week so she missed a couple of days.. i am going to try to start writing more each day because i have been slacking big time.. i need to be closer to my Father in heaven again... see i get in this depression mode and i seem to turn myself off from everyone even Him.. that is not what He wants.. He wants us to hand it all over to Him.. always.. i will try to write more tomorrow.. prayers and luv.. jenny

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I'm sorry but i really must talk about what has happened here in the united states.. i didn't have net service for a while because i had to chose things that my chlidren needed over the net.... God provides right...

It was such a disgrace what our own government put our fellow americans through.. we can jump and be across seas to help people with in 24 hours but when it happens in our own back yard it takes what 5 days to get there to help people.. People down there were starving and were being beatened and raped and with the heat it was terrible...

Me what could i do.. i prayed and i donated to the red cross... there is much that still needs to be done down there... But when i think about what they went through down there i still cry... For a while people were coming down on the police force for not doing there job and helping.. but they were there.. and the doctors and nurses and others who helped to save as many as they could... i'm proud of them and the police force that stayed.. some chose to leave to help there families.. my prayers go out to them too...

what i can't get over.. even a month later was how slow our country acted... i remember hearing that in one town a group from canada made it before our own government did... isn't that sad... we can't get through our own red tape but Canada sure could.. There was people being turned away who wanted to go in and help... i just can't get over it.. i can only pray that we will learn from this.. i can only pray that this never happens again... but to be honest.. i dont forsee there being much of a change.. If there ever is a next time and i pray there won't be... but if there ever is... there will be problems again.. look what happened with Rita... miles and miles of people backed up on the highway running out of gas and heat strokes and a bus exploding...

We need to pray that people will come together better next time.... prayers and luv.. jenny

I'm back

I've been off the net for a while and wanted to let everyone know i'm back.. while i was off the net i spent alot of time with God and will continue to do so even now that i am back.. so be watching for what comes next.. prayers and luv.. jenny

Sunday, July 24, 2005


by jenny dobson
how can i love
when i feel no love
how can someone love me
if i dont love me
how do you learn to love
when you've never felt love
how do you give love
when you've never been given love
love is a strong emotion
is there really such a thing
how do you know it is love
when it can be the opposite thing
when someone says i love you
how do you know it's real
for is there such a thing
as someone loving me
when someone says i love you
why do i start to laugh
what is this thing called love
and is it meant to last

I wrote that pome on love a few years ago.
Sometimes i open it and share it with others just to show where
i was at at that point and time. I have grown alot
and would like to also beable to let God work
through me so that others can too grow as i did.

In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 it tells us what love is...
let me share that with you...

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy,
it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is
not selfseeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record
of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but it rejoices
with truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always persevers.

But lets go a little bit more into detail of each one.....

First love is long-suffering - which means it does not seek revenge...
How many of us in the past have wanted revenge on our abusers?
I know that i use to want it and if you are honest with yourself
you will agree that you either use to want it too or you still want it...

Second love is kind - which i we all know what that means....

Third love does not envy - which means it is not jealous of others
or things it does not have

Fourth it does not boast - which means it does not promote itself
or talk about oneself.. I think Pauls says it better in Phil. 2:3
"3Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in
humility consider others better than yourselves.

Fifth Love is not proud - which i know you know what it means
but let me add that we are to avoid even the appearance of evil.

sixth Love is not rude or selfseeking - which i am taking to mean that
we put others before ourselves. We seek to be there for them and not
just be there for ourselves or out own agendas.

Seventh love is not easily angered - which
means we are not easily irritated or angered
We show paitences and understanding.

Eighth love keeps no record of wrong doing - which
pretty much means we forgive and don't hold a grudge right
and it overlooks wrongs or insults...

ninth love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth -
which i take to mean love does is not happy with wrong doing or injustices
but it is happy, it protects, it trusts, it hopes and it persevers.

Now i'm hoping and praying that so far you all are still with me....
You see many of us and i even in the past feel we are owed love because
of what we went through in the past... But that is not true and we all know that..
We go from feeling we are owed it to feeling nothing but contempt for it..
I ask you, how many of you struggle with relationships? with trust?
how many struggle to have faith or to even hope?
Today i am 32 years old.... I have my children...
I have my relationship with God.. which still needs alot of work...
and i have my family.. but i have no husband...
I hope that together we can start building and trusting again..
i pray this post has helped you in some way.. May God Bless you...
prayers and luv.. jenny

Today is my birthday
and here i sit all alone
kids are gone
family has not called
but i have wonderful friends
on here who have not forgotten...
thank you all...